Are you looking for a Bay Area Boudoir Photographer? Not sure if you’re ready to book a session? Need some words of encouragement from past clients? Look no further! See what these past clients had to say about their boudoir photography experience with Alyx!

Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

Bay Area Boudoir Photographer “Lemme put out a quick encouragement to anyone that feels like they need to get in better shape before doing a session. While I understand and respect that each woman has her own experience with the fluctuation our bodies go through (especially in light of pregnancy and motherhood), and I do not want to disregard your personal insecurity… your size is not what shines through in these photos.
It’s about the experience of feeling comfortable and Sports Illustrated-esque. It’s empowering and confidence-boosting. (Wear heels. Wear heels. Oh my gah, wear heels.) I don’t think of boudoir as the end result of confidence, but its launching ground.
There is something captivating in the eyes of women who were cleaning toddler puke last night and rockin the lashes this morning. It’s real and it resonates.
It’s not about looking like a model. It’s about proving that this beauty IS a model beauty. And no matter what size or shape you are today, were last year, or might be next year, you own that real and resonant beauty. You OWN it. Your spouses/SOs see it. Your loved ones see it. Alyx sees it.
I hope you give yourself the chance to see your beauty as you are. Not just through Alyx’s lens, but your own as well. ”
–Jennifer W.
Bay Area Boudoir Photographer Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

Bay Area Boudoir Photographer
I want you to leave your session feeling the most confident, sexy, and amazing you ever have. Book your session now and let me show you YOUR beautiful!